Wally World

by Hash Adams

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beats by walrus mageever

raps by hash adams

arranged & mixed by walrus mageever and hash adams

recorded and engineered by hash adams

mastered by wizdumb the wax molesta


released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Stormwatchin'
I walk into the party and the bong gets lit.
Its been a long time since i sparked a splif.
Last week grabbed the stalk and i harvested
Now kids wanna blaze till the darkness hits

And they thrown up shots, but the mark is missed.
and get pissed off, try to start some shit.
But reality snaps back. Its hard to grip.
Let the LSD splash as ya start to trip

Im on a whole new tip. Claimin too legit
cant quit, gotta keep on, with that new ish
rhymes like dimes, dubs, and zips.
she saw the sign in the smoke so thick

oh shit. better feel the warmth
flow like a killer bee on the swarm
sweet like candy. savory like corn
the levels i exceed are beyond the norm

they always say when it rains it pours
yellow bellied emcees hide from the storm
run to the hills and away from the shore
the tsunami's knock knockin at ya front door

they always said im like a hurricane
focus my energy and blow up like propane
under pressure like david bowie on cocaine
An oddity, spaced out bout to burst into full flame

out to take the whole show, king like Koopa
Blowin out smoke getting smelt in Aruba
Look my way, and get stoned like Medusa
Chemical reaction of a flow left to move ya

goin in deep i should probably get my scuba gear
when this project drops, reception of new revere
though my name Paul, i still bring the news
Storm watching on the track, with a pint of booze

We get the clues, and decipher and answer
catch me in the cypher on a sunday by Chance or
maybe Lokeye, we keep it so fly.
holdin shit down from Japan to O.I.
Track Name: Chapter 2 w/ WillneverTell

this is chapter two, check ya aptitude
test. its the way that we master fools
yep. find a wall and we crash into
it, but try not to smash in two big

pieces. write speeches from tight creases
a savior of souls, kinda like Jesus
fiendish. rock a stage like junkie
Even James Brown would say that im funky

funkified freshness, microphone check this
aftershocks felt from Vegas to Venice
Penance to the people from the rich to the peasants
the pilot will apologize if results are unpleasant

got allowance, spent it. said some shit, meant it
sorry if it hurt when your bumper got dented
i vent a little bit or pop like Pompeii
sick like a virus turn a human to zombie

whats the song say? protect ya necklace
write fourty bars before consuming breakfast
check this (check this). three times over.
specifically gifting with the mic, never sober

Iron curtain satin, the past im combating
biting on my heels, can you feel the action
lack of passion, drained and drawn out. tried
to get some water but ya drank from the wrong spout

took the long route, lack of efficiency
a curious character, never been a simple seed
i watch the ripples creep outward and disappear
the present future is something ill never fear

ive seen better years, lost in arithmetic
frustrated that im still workin for chicken shit
had a style, crippled it. came back a different kid
Chapter 2 in the book of a simpleton

Gale force winds from the lungs of an iron clad
knight bout to strike with the fight that a tiger has
opportune moment so i strike with when the time elapse
chemical reaction and the universe might collapse


T-t-t-tip of the top hat to ya.
Jet black groove, no cream no sugar.
No heroes, no villians.
bricks in the wall and sticks for the kindling.

Firewalk with me. Charlie's bars.
this poet stays hard to see.
blurred out table of contents, hard to read.
the artistry, of a heart of steel.

put the art of the easel.
i use priceless paint. when it dries its see through
and its all non-digital.
all unorganic invisible syllables.

no Jawz warning dorsal fin.
it must be safe to swim
knife in the water, razorblade in.
the mouth of madness. checkerboard grin

evens and odds. its all fives and sixes.
mind your P's and Q's. mind your fuckin business.
business as usual. business is odd though.
throwin chairs at the talk show. I got you.

its in the bloodstream, panic as it speeds up its function
kickin and punchin
try to stay afloat in the quicksand, sunken.
burried like a rootball: halloween pumpkin

stabbed in the face and they call it Jack-o-Lantern
blow out the candles, darkness becomes him.
the blades are as sharp in the dark as they are in the lightfall
sparkle in the sight of the sniper's rifle.

I'm a moving target, smiling.
I got a gun too. It don't shoot bullets.
I got a pen too. It don't write words.
I got a death sentence. End paragraph.
Track Name: Mr. Habenero
When i get home. compose a concerto.
Senoritas call me Mr. Habanero.
I light a philly and i put on my sombrero
so fresh, so clean, so sterile.

so old, so Streep, so Meryl.
effortless. shootin monkeys in a barrel
no gun, grab the bow and arrow.
Old School, you can call me Will Ferrell

shotgun til my livers in peril
second thought, maybe i should be careful
Organize my Konfusion like Pharoahe
or end up with no brains like the Scarecrow

so instead i fly high like a sparrow
hit the gap, hit the strait, hit the narrows
in ya jeep, in ya ford, ya camero
feel it deep in ya bones, in ya marrow

im off the
scoville scale. show and tell.
most folks is too dumb, you need mo intel
fallin off the cliff while we flow so well.
Walrus and Chronic here, we know no fail

i bring the heat home like a jalapeño
with my feet stuck in deep snow. on a creased flow
fresh cut dickies hangin down to the dunks
best to fess up quickly, hear the loudest of crunch

i got a mountain of funk thats surrounded by crop
hotter than a lava rock always flowin off the top
volcanic havoc causin panic to these soda pop
rappers, never dapper, takin snappers, this is post apoc

alyptic cryptic shipment of dipsticks claimin logistics
sippin on tid bit of syrup thats up in my system.
mixin the nutrition with lipton to keep my motor kickin.
my toga's slippin showin peppers by the squad division

hotter than the sun's surface, surfin on what's begun
mr. habanero, the pharaoh with potent puns.
beware of my apparel and barrels upon my guns.
Scorchin these important dare devils with frozen funds.
Track Name: Butter
grinding like gears. brakes on a car
keep hittin the pads, drink a beer, spar
verbally. hit the keys, given em surgery
on a murder spree like damn its a courtesy

common denominator still rockin. hoppin
freights cleanin plates with no sign of stoppin
all in. royal flush, straight as spines, holdin up.
full house, Bob Saget, dirtier than the mud

punch kick like Sagat. one two shot.
of the buttery, lovely, murderous plot
and the suddenly, somethin sweet, purrin a lot
its like none of these, Butterbeans, heard of my spot

and the sounds that surround the Puget Sound
drowned by clowns in towns, living out of bounds.
out of nouns, out of verbs, out of beats, out of sounds
Surplus of hash thats exceeding the pounds

Now is the time, to spread it like butter
listen extra close to the words that i utter
from the projects to the porches to the suburbs to the gutters
span the whole globe, we the downers and the uppers

we the downers and the uppers, all the parents close their shutters
speakin on the reasons that the haters seem to stutter
and wonder where the bread comes from. we do run run
like DMC, these emcees, rising up like mercury

third at bat, in the hole, climbin up the thermostat
who is that? the lyricist thats smoother than a new born's ass...
thats me. Hash. the mad scientist rap. takin
snaps gettin daps, takin dabs in the back.

on the track. leading packs. til i hack.
Track Name: Captain Hooky w/ Reg Scema

im so fly, think i lost my marbles
got me feeling like a kid again,
lost boys armed with sticks of charcoal
and two tickets to the vision quest

Reg Schema:

slashing my silhouette and eatin Jolly Roger.
step into my parlor. melancholy rock star, holler.
wish i had a girl that looked good, i would call her.
shake it like ya know the time, bitch.

smile big like a crocodile grin
found in a youth cocktail, ooo take a swim.
and pretend. we aint goin off the deep end.
or we ain't the ones for whom Tinkerbells' ringin


hear the tick tock ticking of the clock
metronome stuck inside the crock
Stop. or else you'll walk the plank
Captain Hooky always climbing the ranks

take a dip in the shark tank. swimmin with the beasts
with a Walrus behind, ill always win with these beats
skippin class every single day of the week
hone in another mountain and i climb to the peak



Looky looky, ive got a Hooky
found advantage cause an idiot they took me
for. upon the all the shores they wanna book me
but my cake is tastin sweet like a cookie

Skippin obligations, gettin faded
back to the cabin to polish some statements
makin sure the turkey stays basted
wasted. eatin Wendys in the AM


impatient, smokin sensei til the day ends
caught up in the passage of time, get wasted.
second star to the right. straight on til the rum's gone
punch drunk love, put ya gloves on.

shadow box with the sun spot.
feel the heat and cant come soft.
do dirt, get the brush off. No love lost
for ya, homie. But the wrong move'll get ya ass burnt like a stogie.

Track Name: Dipstick Logistics
I keep clean sheets like i keep clean cleats
Please, emcees call me Cleedus.
Im the unborn yet stillborn fetus.
Elitist? Yep, you can check my alesis.

layin on the table with a bag of reece's pieces
Hoes on my dick cuz it smells like jesus
Shit where's my seamstress. showin me her cleavage
Rockin up some sea salt, hustle like a genius

i keep bars the cleanest. custodian of drinks its
a new kinda fiendish. strayin from my genus
collectin all the trinkets, callin out delinquents
Hit the ball and sink it, tracks to keep ya thinkin

Im tinkering, with the way the game works.
frequently known to keep the party freakin
daggering, creepin, and o face keepin.
and all the while, my teas still steepin

Roll up in my Lincoln. Abraham steezin
40 oz drinkin. empty bottles clinkin.
in the back seat with the bags of weed stinkin
mary jane extremist, flyin way past the zenith

Hot box the whip til my skin turn greenish.
rising like a space shuttle farther out than venus
yes i really mean this. me and weeds a clean fit
then i get too ripped and start to see demons

nah im just kidding, but you get the meaning
spiting out heat like an engine thats steamin
this a four class meal and its all my treatin
five star treatment til we reach completion

too easy, killin beats in a sequence
traditional bars from the mind of a beatnik
drop it like a sinkhole, bumpin in the jeep shit.
made it to the center and it only took three licks
Track Name: Buzzed Lightyear
i keep a buzz goin, everyday of the week
24/7 i be higher than trees
Buzzed Lightyear, hear the steez
Infinitely gone beyond the mezzanine

feel the beats in ya floorboards
feel the beats in ya four doors
observe, the numbers on the scoreboard
Demolition Man, bombin like a warlord

im more buzzed than four slugs at one bar
Rocket man, spacin in the atmosphere, thus far.
maintaining the high. Sears Tower of rhymes
surpass the pinnacle and continue to climb

wait. theres a snake in my boots
shake it shake it loose, before it makes it move
we keep it movin. a substance marathon
peter piper better pick a better pair of songs

we that illmatic, blastin at warp speed causin havoc
pull out the bubbler, while stuck in traffic
hash that magic. that mr. magnificent
madrona wood while yalls stay impotent

i keep a buzz goin, everyday of the week
24/7 i be higher than trees
Buzzed Lightyear, hear the steez
Infinitely gone beyond the mezzanine

Flush the toxins. Bombin often
kept clean. brushed scrubbed and flossin
keep rockin. formulating crystals
empty pockets but i always keep my fists filled

i know that this ill. thats why i medicate
on the mic im heavy while you just a featherweight
so let me set it straight. im on another tier
hop into the cockpit and im locked in like the rocketeer

keepin a bottle near. Dr. Magilicutty
freestylin through the night, until its sunny
playin gin rummy. and drinkin gin straight
this track feels tailored. the beat fit great
Track Name: Rillquick
Fresh. Crisp. Hit it Rillquick
still sick from last night's drinking binge
deepenin the punch bowl, an creepin in
slow in my whip, doing whip its fa sho its

a whole bottle of no doze. can a dip and 4-0's
MD2020 vision keepin low pro.
girlies say i'm so pro. sex tape with a go pro
first person vision of a mission fleein po-po

Didnt do no coke tho. Stuck to the paint chips
and we picked it up from so-so. Biggie with the .44
too fucked up to be stoked tho. smoked til i got no dope
oh no. no i need some mo' dro. so, yo

who you know out in Kyoto. a hook up
with the Mary J. Blige. So much obliged
to creep up sly and try to find a niche in a
nice behind and then brand it as mine. yea,

Rancher roundin up these rhymes, with a genius design.
Hashtro, yea thats the moniker. kickin it with
Walrus McGeever, he's the philosopher....
Care Package in the house, check ya posture.
Track Name: Call Me Biscuits
they call me biscuits wrappin bitches up in gravy, baby. crazy
ladies always wanna save me from me the days heat. but they lazy.
they hella lazy, need help? they ghost like swayze
my realm? somethin like haetes. its hot. burning the babies

Dick Tracy on the crime scene with the biscuits
Gravy by the truckload, Charlie Sheen winning
to the table i bring levels exceeding the limits
the brand new dope fresh, no matter how you spin it

no matter how you spin it. DJs will try to mimic
my set is never finished. tracks to the infinite
and beyond. buzzed for lightyears, the flow never diminish
i've been in it for a minute, and to win it im in it

like a monster truck kit, we're sittin there lifted
driving round town in a 64 Plymouth
rock the nation, twist on a pivot.
sorry if you missed it, do we need to revisit?

Kevin Spacey on the rhyme scheme with the biscuits
Gravy by the buttload, Charlie Sheen winning
a plate of the freshness, served up in a minute
food for the soul, to your ribs its sticking

biscuits. bitches. gravy. crazy.
all up in your headset, turn it up to eighty
this is phase three of the Wally World play sheet
King Bong stompin through your town, better take heed

Better take heed, while we truly steamrollin
Catch more wreck than a vest full of bullets
this the dope shit, no matter how ya pull it.
put it. new age Gang Starr, keepin a Full Clip
Track Name: Gaseous Clay w/ E.Z.E. Cummings

another cast away, call me Gaseous Clay
floatin in the galaxy, i have to say
i could sit here rhymin for like half the day
keep ya lookin at the stars, yea, we fascinate.

puff puff pass, turn from solid to gas.
Gaseous Clay, supernova fixin to blast
catch me riding meteors livin the laugh
the milky way surfer spitting thousands to match

any. good and plenty emcees, excess of attitude
thats why i rise and fly and higher altitudes
and shower tunes over earth with grace given
a different perspective based on the space livin

great rhythms infused and filled with ill thoughts
the beat is like prism thats splittin my real plots
i hear knocks on my door as im blastin off
I be The Greatest my status is that of Lancelot

Round table loungin, floatin like a butterfly
stingin like a killer bee, heat it up like summertime
somethin nice, superfly. dense not hollow
smokin the eleven while im ridin on Apollo



Trippin Eye of Ra, take flight Mr. Psychonaut
cave man valentines brain child type of thought.
hitchin a ride on the mothership: liftoff.
me living so large, sweet as diabetic shock.

can't hack it. they choke: anaphylaxis
gift wrapped, what you couldn't imagine.
one handed. candid. so matter of fact with
the fabric and atoms after which we're fashioned.

I'm just a man and that is just magnificent.
striking a match at a catalyst incident.
rappin with my hand on my instrument. analytic synthesis.
apprehending grasp the significance.

my diagram is multi-dimensional. omni-directional
past, future, present: all stepping stones.
cloaked in the path of the metronome.
seventh seal chest broadcast via telescope.

Track Name: Duffwell w/ The Illmortals

gettin low on the zone and the bubble hash
gotta make a quick call and a sudden dash
i just stand still, everyone is runnin past
answering every question that you love to ask

Duffwell. The man with the powder keg
droppin bombs on the reg off a tower made
of bud stems, hash glue and sticky papes
smoked an entire zone in an hour straight

and then theres only duff left.
Roll it up by the jar, im the suspect
hard hip hop beats, hittin like its dub step
Hash Adams, Wally Mag. we spell success

Duffman. Eye opener needed.
Homer Simpson steady pimpin for the time being
I must be dreaming, or higher than the highest ceiling
In the whip creepin, everybody watch this heathen


Duffwell, always on the exhale
Someones watchin me, but i doubt they can tell
could be any from Ricky Williams to Kintel
receive a package, the card says "get well"
Track Name: Elephant's Gerald w/ Icy Riblets

hella elegant elephants. stompin on your treasure chest.
keepin Gerald out of peril just for the hell of it
blowin horns. Donald Trumpet. trunk element
tell a fib, never not for me or my fellowship

we keep it relevant. eyes on the metrenome
most say we better than, lies on the radio
its known we clever and, probably the best in show
most soul seen since Posdnuos and Maseo

emaciated type of flow. I
dropped more weight than a black hole
i'll only be a single minute keep the idle low
will it go smooth? how the fuck am i to know

when it comes it droppin tracks, im the dynamo
most improved, nicest flow. The Prolific title goes
to this one. Tusks gorge through speakers
stompin through the jungle with a pint and a beaker.


Ebony and ivory. black market,
white licky, highway robbery. dumps like a truck on
a stampede. Would I hit it? Gladly.
pass me my flask, light a match, body cavity. alchemy.

game like Gerald. Chris Brown umbrella, dominatrix apparel.
chains in the cellar, get ya groove back, Stella.
El Dorado in a bottle.
fuck with the realm of the possible.

ya gotta keep a short leash and a spiked collar
no joke, bite marks, mean that i'm on first
second, third, swing catch 22.
escape from the outside world, filled with ugly truths.

Dope: fuckin with me, is substance abuse.
on my grind, on my grizzly, no duckets just booze.
compliments of my liquid confidence. complex
is my lawless, who gwan tess?


Licky Licky stompin like hooves in the forest
Hash man here, bartender and the florist
we out the orchard with bags of that freshness
droppin more bars than mars and tetris

In the flesh its, just a kid on the come up,
running, workin, everyday til the sun up.
i get that one up, pop a couple green caps
light a blunt, crack the cognac and lean back

most spittin mean raps. we on some high peaks,
they only average while we keep it hella hyphy
throw ya hands up. til ya dry heave.
throw another pitch callin out strike three

yea we might be, the illest in the house.
inspired by the trillest of the south
so light it up while ya chillin on ya couch.
Elephants Gerald, Wally World, and we out